Proposed Hill of Fare Wind Farm – APPLICATION LIVE

RES, in partnership with Dunecht Estates, has now made the formal application to install a wind farm on the summit plateau of the Hill of Fare. The application can be viewed online at :
Scottish Government – Energy Consents Unit – Application Details

The application consists of 16 turbines on the summit plateau, each 180-200m (600-650’) tall to the blade tip.  At this height they will be lit at night for aviation avoidance. The total capacity will be greater than 50MW so the application will be determined by the Energy Consents Unit in Edinburgh on behalf of Scottish Ministers, and not by Aberdeenshire Council.

Any member of the public can comment on the application with the deadline for submission of comments being 2nd February 2024.

In line with the results of the Community Council’s survey of residents’ opinions on the wind farm, ESCC’s position is one of opposition to this proposed development.

A local campaign group called “Nae Fare” is holding four presentations to bring you fully up to speed and guide you through the objecting process at 19:30 in the following locations

Banchory West Church, AB31 5TB Monday 11th December
Midmar Hall, AB51 7NE Tuesday 12th December
Torphins Mid-Deeside Church, AB31 4JQ Thursday 14th December Westhill Trinity Church, AB32 6FY Friday 15th December

You can find out more details on the Nae Fare website
NAE FARE or download the Nae Fare leaflet below: