Minute of meeting 10th January 2018 in Dunecht Hall

Present:   Fiona Bick (Chair), John Foulkes (Secretary), , Wendy Duncan, Ian MacMaster, Nick Pilbeam(Minutes), Brian Poppleton (Treasurer), Raymond Alexander, Edith Duchie, Nicole Garden and Steve Middleton (Police Scotland), Tish Angus, Daisy Roger, Samuel Cockburn (MOD Police)

Councillor Iris Walker.

Apologies: Alan Edwards, Cllr David Aitchison, Mary Gray , Cllr Alistair McKelvie, Cllr Ron McKail

Minute of last meeting: Accepted

Police Report: 1 theft, 2 drugs related offences. Police Scotland have been monitoring Skene school speeding during 20mph times with one vehicle recorded at 41mph; there will be more use of the radar gun here in the near future.

Feedback from GACCF: CC Scheme of Establishment. We petitioned for the number of ESCC Community Councillors to be raised from 8 to 10 which allows for 2 reps per village; this has been agreed.  The new scheme comes into force on 1st April – Nick and John will review our constitution and see what needs changing.

Aberdeen City Region Strategic Transport Survey Response: Discussion ensued and Fiona will complete on-line consultation response on behalf of ESCC.

Other Agenda items:

ESCC Website: Format agreed and content proposed by Fiona will be put on site by Nick, Fiona will post minutes of meetings.

Echt War Memorial: Information and survey requests being sent out by Wendy to local residents prior to next step, which will be discussion meetings.

Echt Public Convenience: Meeting between Council property department and Bert Mackintosh has not happened yet. Toilets remain open in the meantime.

Echt Developer Contributions (Sport & Recreation projects): The new Pleasure Park path awaits Council contract to be finalised. Bert Mackintosh is pressing for earlier conclusion so it can be done before the ground gets too soggy.

Carpenters Croft/Kirkton of Skene Flooding Issues: Council will inspect the flood prevention ditch and see if there is anything they can do to improve it. The issue is being discussed in council funding committee but it will compete with other needs. Fiona to follow up with Bancon Homes regarding the Manse Road culvert.

Echt Footpath: No progress.

Community Resilience: Residents’  information leaflet to be finished and ideally printed before end February so it can be inserted in Westhill bulletin. Wendy has a list of volunteers/key holders for Echt which she will send to the Council Emergency Planner. She is holding a meeting on 17th January in Echt Hall to invite residents to find out about the system.

Lyne of Skene bus shelter: Planning application about 80% ready to go.

Heartstart Course: Wendy chasing up.

New Planning Applications:

  • APP/2018/0004 Erection of domestic outbuilding – Proctor’s Cottage, Westhill, AB32 6HG – No comment


Treasurer’s Report:

Cash in bank: £1379.08 Cash in hand: £14.14


Correspondence/Upcoming Events:

  • Licensing Policy Review Online Consultation – deadline 12th January: Individuals can complete the online survey. JF will attend the Central Aberdeenshire Licensing Forum meeting on 7th February.
  • Proposed 20mph speed limits in Forbes Park: Discussed – CC will comment supporting.



  • Interviews for head teacher at Echt are progressing.
  • Review of community policing including police presence at CC meetings: A short life working group has been set up chaired by Iris and with 1 rep from Garioch. Their next meeting will be on 5th
  • Council budget is due to be finalised on 8th There has been a reduction in government funding of 13% of the rates bill. Thus either the rates go up by 13% or other savings will have to be made to balance the budget.
  • Kingsford stadium hearing takes place on 17th January and a decision is due by the end of the month. Aberdeenshire Council have submitted their objection.
  • Scotway grants are available for £500-£1500 for footpaths.
  • Plaque on tree in Echt: Several quotes obtained, Westhill men’s shed will be asked to quote.
  • Discussions have taken place between Echt School and the Council re a new garden bench for the park.
  • Samuel Cockburn explained that he had taken over from Gary representing the MOD police. Gary has retired.


Future meetings:

21st February                                      Garlogie

4th April                                               Kirkton of Skene

16th May (will also be AGM)       Lyne of Skene



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