Minute of Meeting 12th June 2019 Lyne of Skene Hall

Present: Fiona Bick (chair), John Foulkes, Nick Pilbeam, Klaus Wahle, Ian MacMaster, Steve Gibson, Niall Macbeath, Cllr Ron McKail, Cllr Iris Walker, Cllr Alistair McKelvie

Apologies: Mary Gray, Grant Duguid, Cllr David Aitchison

Minute of last meeting: Approved.

Police Report: No Police report received since the January meeting. (Post meeting note – a report was received after the meeting and is attached for information.) It was reported by Ron McKail that speed checks were carried out by the police in Lyne of Skene and near Mason Lodge the previous week and 17 speeding tickets were issued.

Other Agenda items:
Skene School Crossing Safety: No progress since last meeting on speed survey or road markings/signage. The Quality Improvement Officer has met with the Head Teacher to look at options to enlarge the school car park but there is limited scope.

Garlogie Dog Fouling: The dog fouling nuisance in the village has ceased following the intervention of the Council dog warden. CLOSED
Forbes Park Landscaping: John followed up tree planting issue with Alan Rae of Kirkwood Homes, who said they would attend to it in the autumn.

Garlogie Cottages Refuse Collection: The residents had received letters from the Waste Department regarding difficulties for bin lorry access due to a parked car. The owner of the car has now been informed of the issue and is parking elsewhere. CLOSED

New Planning Applications:
• APP/2019/1138 Installation of Oil Tank and Fence – Echt Parish Church. No comment.
• APP/2019/1139 Installation of Oil Tank and Fence – Echt Parish Church. No comment.
• APP/2019/1082 Erection of Cattle Court Building – Southbank, Skene (Prior notification approved) No comment.
• APP/2019/0914 Change of use of agricultural land to domestic curtilage and erection of garage – Little Acre, Lyne of Skene. No comment.

Prior Planning Applications:
• APP/2019/0083 Use of Land for Class 5 (General Industrial) and erection of fence – South Fornet, Dunecht AB32 7BX. PENDING
• APP/2018/2226 Change of use from Class 6 (Storage) to Class 5 (General Industrial) – South Fornet, Dunecht, Westhill AB32 7BX PENDING
• APP/2018/2681 Change of Use of Agricultural Buildings to Livery Stable and Formation of Manege (retrospective) – Millbuie, Skene AB32 6YP. PENDING

Treasurer’s Report:
Cash in bank £1133.45
Cash in Hand £2.06

£300 has been donated to the fund for the defibrillator for Lyne of Skene since the last meeting.

Correspondence/Upcoming Events:
Dunecht Housing Development – the ESCC was asked to comment on the developer’s proposed street names – Cowdray Meadows for the affordable houses fronting the main road and Corskie Crescent for the houses behind. The members felt that it was divisive to give the affordable houses a different address and felt that a single street name should be used for all the houses. Corskie Park or Cowdray Circle were suggested alternatives.
Echt Primary School Football Festival is to take place on 22nd June 10-2.30pm
Garioch Area Bus Forum was postponed to 20th June

Littering in Echt – Echt School have advised they do two litter picks each year (usually in March and October). It was noted that the Council have responsibility to ensure roadsides are clear of litter and a request can be logged on the council website.

GACCF – Recycling was the main topic at the June meeting. Paint cannot be left at any Shire Recycling Centre but Aberdeen City Council will take it. Charities can ask for re-usable items to be put aside for them but not members of the public.

Kirkton of Skene Playgroup has asked for a donation to assist them in creating a new outdoor play area. It was agreed to give them £150 subject to confirmation that they are a charity/non-profit organisation.

Lyne of Skene Defibrillator – is nearly fully funded now. The cabinet location is to be agreed with the Council and must be fitted by a Council electrician.

Lyne of Skene Broadband – BT has now installed fibre broadband to a cabinet at the crossroads so speeds up to 60 MBS are now available in the village.

John Foulkes Presentation – John Foulkes was presented with a framed certificate from Aberdeenshire Council to thank him for his 33 years’ service as a Community Councillor for Echt & Skene.

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